Guaranteed Residual Value Program

Customers can earn up to 25 percent toward the price of a replacement system.

The benefits of lithium-ion battery technology are numerous, including better performance, higher energy densities, lighter weight, less maintenance, longer life and the ability to re-use or recycle. However, some customers are often put off by the perceived cost before they understand that the long-term total cost of ownership is usually less than alternative solutions. EnerDel has made the total cost of ownership even more attractive by offering its customers a guarantee on the residual value of the product.

EnerDel’s Guaranteed Residual Value (GRV) program offers customers up to 25 percent toward the price of a replacement system after the system’s pre-determined period of service concludes. Being able to apply the residual value to the cost of a replacement system provides a lower total cost of ownership over the life of the application and offers greater peace-of-mind for our customers. To secure the guarantee, customers are required to maintain either an extended warranty or a service and maintenance program for the product or system.

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