Lithium-Ion Battery Systems Training Program

Now Accepting Registrations for our 7th Session!

EnerDel’s Technical Training Center – Indianapolis, IN

EnerDel will once again host its popular Lithium-Ion Battery System Training Program on October 24 through 28 at its Indianapolis, IN Technical Center.

EnerDel’s Lithium-Ion Battery Systems Training Program is designed to provide our customers, distributors and representatives with a hands-on training experience to learn how lithium-ion battery systems are designed, developed and manufactured. Breakout sessions will include customized sessions for stationary and transportation energy storage systems. Topics include:


• Lithium-ion cell chemistry
• Manufacturing and assembly
• Battery management system design and implementation
• Thermal management
• Safety processes and procedures
• Battery testing and validation techniques
• Diagnostic, service, troubleshooting and maintenance

The curriculum was developed by EnerDel’s experienced engineering team to provide a comprehensive understanding of lithium-ion chemistry, technology, diagnostics, system design and safety. Participants will receive supporting training materials and diagnostic software.

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Secure a better understanding of lithium-ion cell chemistry, safety, field testing and troubleshooting.