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Speed, precision, and specialization powered by a lithium-ion battery

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With more task-oriented applications embracing the advantages of lithium-ion battery technology every day, this is one of the fastest-growing markets for battery power solutions. In fact, some estimates show that the market will exceed $6 billion by 2014. The task-oriented category covers everything from push and riding lawnmowers to all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), electric motorcycles and planes. It also incorporates industrial applications ranging from floor scrubbers and waxers to forklifts and other electric-powered moving equipment.  EnerDel’s off-the-shelf Vigor+ lithium-ion battery solutions offer tremendous benefit over traditional lead-acid battery solutions, including light weight, longer cycle life, reduced maintenance and service and often less space allowing for new product design options.

“We evaluated a lot of products and EnerDel has one of the best lithium-ion cells on the market. EnerDel’s quality and technology helped our team set a land-speed record behind the handlebars of our SuperBike surpassing all expectations.” electric motorcyles
– Richard Hatfield, President, Lightning Motorcycle

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